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Experience and a Proven Track Record

The Akron Beacon Journal calls State House 36 one of the “most competitive in the State” and EveryDistrict.US identified district 36 as one in which the "Democrats can compete and win". 


I’m Matt Shaughnessy, a City of Green Council member, an attorney, and a retired Firefighter/ Paramedic.  I’m proud of my record on Green City Council advocating for working people like you and me against corporate greed.  I opposed my republican counter parts against permitting Nexus to harm our community by running a 36 inch high pressure gas line through our community.  I preserved the right to peaceful enjoyment of property by leading the fight against our Mayor’s plan to put walking trails through resident’s back yards.  And I drafted and passed common sense legislation requiring greater transparency and accountability of our elected officials’ actions. 


And when Green’s Mayor fought against the people’s right to petition their government to have an elected Law Director as opposed to one chosen by the mayor, I supported their right and led them into city hall to ensure their petitions were accepted and counted.  And I’m delighted to say that last November, my support of those citizens and their cause led to the election of Green’s first elected Law Director, Lisa Dean.   In short, as a legislator on Council, I put people first, period.