Meet Matt Shaughnessy

I’m Matt Shaughnessy, a married father of 5, a retired firefighter, former City Council member, and currently an attorney helping victims of violent crime pick up the pieces. As an experienced legislator and Council member, I drafted and passed legislation to make local government more transparent and helped to pass a citizen’s initiative for an independent elected Law Director in Green.

As a firefighter/paramedic it was obvious who I served… the people. And I treated every person like family, which is exactly what I will do in Columbus as State Representative. I’m going there to represent you and your family as I would my own, for a better Ohio.

“I expect more from my government officials, which is why I ran for office in the first place, and I’m not afraid to take off the gloves … and right now, right here in Ohio… its time… the gloves have to come off, and Democratic leaders have to fight back as Republicans attack our rights and our democracy.”

Paid for by the Committee to Elect Matt Shaughnessy